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Quiet Book Page: Memory Game

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know that I have made many quiet books. I really enjoy making them for 2nd birthday gifts. Now some of the kids that I made books for have siblings turning two. Instead of making another book for the same family, I've been making a name page, with one new activity on the back for the sibling. This is on the back of a girl name page for my friends daughter. I used the same idea as my matching game, only this was in miniature.I put the scratch … [Read more...]

I made another one! {quiet book}

Yep.. I just can't seem to stop! (see the bottom of this post for all my other books)Another dear friend had a toddler turning two... and I love to give these... So here's the latest version.a new page for me... food sorting... I just printed and laminated pictures from google images. Looking for more inspiration? Check out all the other books I've made and inspiration I have collected HERELinked to these great  blogs:Sundae Scoop-I Heart Naptime with Chocolate SundaesNifty Thrifty Things … [Read more...]

Final Quiet Books

and I finished! Since March I have made four books for two year olds, and one for a three year old. I'll begin by showing you how I finished the pages and made the (super simple) covers.I sewed the pages right sides together, leaving a small opening to turn the page. Then I topstitched around the page, closing the opening as well. I also cut out two holes on the left side of each page, and pounded in a large size eyelet to finish the hole. I didn't take any pictures of this step.My covers are … [Read more...]